What does 'the ethical consumption and connoisseurship of fine art and antiquities' mean? For me, it means that each and every piece acquired is done so with clean title and purchased with its value in mind. We acquire primarily on the secondary market and when we work with artist's directly, we pass the majority of the sale price through to the artist. Yes, galleries work for artist's, not the other way around.

My aim is to help others institute mindful consumption. Knowing what we are bringing into our environment, what we have, what we have had and understanding the cyclical nature of everything.

As a second generation art dealer, I have studied forgeries and fakes in the art market extensively and every work of art offered is authentic. We stand behind each and every item we sell, "As Described" and all sales are final. That said, 'customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and I am building the remainder of my career based on my reputation and each connection.'

I view the art of collecting as a dying art form that I hope to do my part to revitalize mindfully.

Growing up, I heard repeatedly that at the beginning of the 20th century, Cleveland, Ohio rivaled New York City as a cultural mecca. I was raised at art fairs and antique shows across the US but those in Cleveland had a deeper soul. Meeting amazing individuals, watching the evolution of the art world, the decline of the antiques market and several galleries closing their doors. I absorbed all of it. The best practices I witnessed, others I found abhorrent, never to repeat. All of it stored away for a greater purpose. The Golden Rabbit is that purpose. 

Ethically collecting means that you know where you are acquiring something from. That it is not a blood diamond, that it was not looted or stolen, that you are acquiring an object with clean title and conscience. I extensively research each piece offered and ascribe a retail. I love doing this and when we love what we do, it is no longer work but a life's purpose.