Estate Jewelry

We are purveyors of jewelry that is primarily Estate Jewelry or 'second hand.' Much like my passion for the historical context and adaptation of Antiques in design, we repurpose and give new life to select brooches, beads and rings and thus are directly involved in the creation.

I have been drawn to jewelry since childhood and was schooled by my father and Grand Mother about varying gemstones at a young age. Opening The Golden Rabbit, most of our jewelry above $2,000 comes with an appraisal done by Mary Anderson, the former Jewelry buyer for The Greenbrier Resort. Personally, I am pursuing a GIA certification but will not appraise the jewelry we sell. 

What are you looking at? Most of our Jewelry is either 14 or 18 karat white or yellow gold or Platinum. We stand behind every piece that we sell and offer a 10 day return policy on all jewelry. You are welcome to have the validity of our assertion verified by a jeweler you trust but we request documentation of disputes and that the piece in question returned in like condition. Otherwise, all sales are final. Your satisfaction and happiness is of paramount importance.

Glossary of Terms